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My copy-editing services include: rewriting copy, 
correcting copy, 
boosting sales messages,
 reviewing the tone of voice, restructuring copy and cutting word counts. Whatever you want! See my offer of a FREE 500-word copy-edit on this page. You can email your words over to me, right now.

If the person who wrote your copy is not a copywriter, you will almost certainly need my copy-editing services to get your words to a professional standard. Email me now to take advantage of my FREE 500-word copy editing offer. I offer a comprehensive range of copy-editing services. You can email me copy for websites, brochures, direct mail, video scripts, speeches, sales presentations, internal presentations, client proposals – anything!

My copy editing services mean I can rewrite your copy, or make corrections to copy. I can amend grammatical mistakes and tighten up the copy so it says the same thing, but with fewer words – making the copy faster to read. You can commission my copy-editing services to boost your sales messages, or cut out repetition and conflicting statements, or make the word count fit the design. My copy-editing services clients also ask me to look at the structure of the words to make sure key sales messages are delivered in the most effective way.

Email me now to take advantage of my FREE 500-word copy editing offer.