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for advertising agencies, website builders, graphic designers, video companies and conference organisers.

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BlueSky Copywriting – low cost, high quality copywriting for print and websites, speechwriting, video scripts, presentation scripts and copy-editing

For the last 20 years, I’ve been supplying copywriting, web writing, speechwriting, video scripts and presentation scripts, along with copy-editing services to some of the largest and most high-profile companies on the planet!

I also copywrite for start-ups and smaller companies.

I provide freelance copywriting services for advertising agencies, website content for web designers, copywriting for graphic designers, along with scripts for video production companies, and speeches for conference and event organisers.

My copywriting costs are extremely affordable. I always provide you with a fixed price for your copywriting – and stick to it! I have no problem copywriting in the evenings or at weekends – so copywriting deadlines are never a problem.

Any topic

My copywriting services cover a wide range of subjects. I started life doing a physics degree, so I’m very comfortable copywriting for scientists, engineers and technical people from other disciplines, including aerospace and pharmaceuticals. I also spent eight years as a professional stand-up comedian. I did over 1200 gigs, so I know about original words, timed to punch home hard!

Writing for all media

My copywriting includes copywriting for print, copywriting for websites, copywriting for digital media, writing speeches for conferences, and writing scripts for video, scripts for internal presentations and scripts for sales presentations. I also copywrite direct mail pieces, blogs, web content, case-studies and SEO copy.

From a paragraph to 30,000 words

My largest copywriting commission was to copy-edit 30,000 words for four UK universities. My smallest copywriting job was to remove one letter to make a safety warning on the back of a three-pin plug fit the available space!


In addition to my copywriting services, I can review copy, and copy-edit words you have already written – whether for print or the web. I can also review and copy-edit your pitch proposals. I can pump up the sales messages, cut the word count, make the copy run more smoothly or more logically, make the copy fit the design or add benefit-led subheads. Whatever you want, I can do it. Click here for my FREE 500-word copy-editing offer.

My approach to copywriting, web words, speechwriting, and video and presentation scriptwriting

I start any copywriting project by getting to know your business and your business objectives – in the long term and for the specific copywriting project. This will include a review of your key business messages, helping to define the exact words you need to get your messages across as succinctly and as powerfully as possible.

We can talk about your target market and their needs, and their current level of understanding of your product or service.

I’ll also check that your key messages align with your other publicity, so you’re delivering consistent messages. And before the copywriting starts, I’ll check what your competitors’ printed publicity and websites are saying, and build that into the equation.

Copywriting ‘tone of voice’

We’ll also discuss the copywriting ‘tone of voice’ for the project – how you want to sound to your customers and potential customers. Most B2B clients, for example, choose ‘friendly-approachable-professional’ – but I can copywrite in any style. Just say what you’re looking for.

Concept development

In addition to my copywriting services, I’m often asked to generate concepts from scratch at the very start of a promotion. This can also involve creating product or service names, straplines and positioning statements.

Free copy-editing offer

Send me up to 500 words, and I’ll review and copy-edit them for FREE. So you can see what a difference I can make. What have you got to lose? Click here to email me now. I’ll call you back to chat things through.